APRS status

WX3in1 Plus 2.0

Time to make a little status on my APRS digi-peater/iGate. It has now been on-air for ~150 days and has received a little over 2 million RF packets. The overall efficiency is about 75% so it is quite good.

Digging deeper I find that 531.866 packets has been digipeated and 989.063 packets has been dropped. A whole of 1.265.611 packets has been gated to APRS-IS. 627 packets has been gated from APRS-IS which is not much. I have to look into that.

My radio is also performing quite good. The Motorola is putting in the area of 15 Watts out on the air. And it is no even getting warm or nothing.

All in all I’m very satisfied with the device Microsat WX3in1 Plus 2.0

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